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“Covid was rough on everybody, but I was one of those unlucky ones and my cough caused me to tear muscles in my chest and side. I’ve pulled muscles before but never had I been in so much pain, and the area was really swollen. Obviously I kept coughing so I imagine that didn’t help because long after my covid symptoms disappeared, I was still in pain. Months went by and I wasn’t healing. I mean, how do you rest an area that you use to breathe?” shares Joseph M. of Myrtle Beach.

AIM Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine has been successfully treating Covid ‘long-haulers’ since the early days of the pandemic.

“I have protocols for headaches and ozone treatments that really help to combat lasting fatigue and shortness of breath. Joseph was the first person I saw whose infection caused a severe injury.” shares Dr. Tonya Weber, DAc, LAc. “Normally with acute injuries, I instruct my patients to ice, take an ibuprofen and come see me if the pain persists for more than a week or two. Joseph had been suffering for months, his body was simply refusing to heal.”

The human body is a self-healing organism. When you scrape your knee, your blood will quickly work to clot and scab. Your liver has a unique ability to regenerate after injury. If you break a bone there are specific cells that immediately begin to knit the edges back together. Unfortunately there are also a number of factors that prohibit those regenerative cells from completing the task they were designed to do including stress, age, not getting enough quality sleep and suffering from serious infection or disease.

Dr. Weber shares her expertise. “In Joseph’s case, his battle with Covid really affected his muscle tissues ability to heal and repair. Beyond the body just being terribly fatigued from fighting a very challenging infection, his cells were nearly depleted of oxygen. At AIM I have several cutting edge solutions that I use to treat injuries of this nature and at the forefront of those is O3 Regenerative Therapy™.”

“I’ll be honest, I was skeptical at first.” jokes Joseph. “She was talking about injecting ozone into my body and I’m sure my eyes bugged out of my head. But I was out of options and too many people have had incredible success at her hand, that I couldn’t say no. With each treatment I felt better and better. Not 10 treatments in and I was back to playing pickleball! And it’s all because of AIM.” 

AIM Acupuncture is the premier provider of ozone therapy in the state. As an energized form of oxygen, ozone is far-reaching – having a positive, lasting impact on joints, muscles, tendons, cartilage, ligaments and tissues. When performed by a licensed professional, of which Dr. Weber is amongst the best, ozone has been proven to not only reduce inflammation but regrow new tissue making it a viable option for pain management and an optimal alternative to surgery. The result is enhanced and effective healing!

“I’ve seen Dr. Weber for almost every ailment and condition since.” tells Joseph. “Now I check in every few weeks for maintenance. I know I make it sound like changing the oil on your car but that’s exactly what it is. Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of ordering custom new parts for my body so I plan on taking care of the one I got.”

AIM specializes in treating chronic pain and complicated conditions. “Those things that Western medicine professionals deem untreatable then send you on your way with a prescription in hand – that’s where we do our best work. There are real solutions to your suffering and they start here at AIM.” boasts Dr. Weber.

Want to check out the success stories of the many others that have found real relief at AIM Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine, check us out on YouTube.

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