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“It started out as a normal outing. My wife and I had to run to the grocery store. We were driving down the road casually going over our shopping list when the car ahead of me started to slow down anticipating the yellow light. I started to move my foot from the gas to the brake as any normal person would do when they see brake lights in front of them but I couldn’t. I couldn’t feel my foot because of my Peripheral Neuropathy. The car kept moving forward and I just couldn’t get my foot on the brake. And CRUNCH! I finally came to a stop when I hit the car in front of me.”

This tragic story was shared with us by Dan S. at his initial consultation. While no one was hurt in this accident, Dan S. had suffered almost everyday of his life with tingling and burning in his feet until numbness set in and he could no longer feel even the brake pedal beneath his foot.

The first stage of Peripheral Neuropathy is pain. You feel burning, tingling, sharp pains, or you feel like you’re walking on tacks or marbles. This pain eventually subsides and the numbness sets in. Unfortunately the numbness brings with it a whole other host of problems.

This was the case with Dan.

“I said I wasn’t going to drive again. What if that had been a pedestrian?”

It is terribly common that peripheral neuropathy and its debilitating symptoms interfere with a person’s ability to live their life. Dan was now reliant on his wife to drive him around, even the simple pleasure of cruising down Ocean Drive or taking her out to dinner was outside his capabilities. And even more common, Dan’s general practitioner and several specialists told him there was nothing they could do other than prescribe him pills that would ease the pain of his neuropathy.

That’s where we come in!

About 75% of our current patients come to us suffering from the same condition as Dan. They’re in constant pain from neuropathy and it prevents them from not only living their lives but more importantly, it prevents them from enjoying it. Depending on the severity of their nerve damage, we typically see tremendous progress in 3-4 months of treatment. We like to say we’re in the business of making your golden years golden.

We like to say we’re in the business of making your golden years golden.

Dan was no different.

“I can’t lie,” confides Dan. “I was skeptical at first. The folks down at MUSC told me there was nothing that could be done and then there’s a doctor right here in North Myrtle Beach tells me she can help. Turns out she was right! About three months after treatment I was able to confidently drive myself to my appointments! My wife and I celebrated by buying ourselves a new car! It’s hard to put into words how incredible this is, quite frankly [Dr. Weber] gave me my life back.”

While we specialize in acupuncture and it’s definitely part of our protocols in treating neuropathy, the real secret is in a more modern medical solution called ATP Resonance BioTherapy™. This technology was originally developed by NASA to expedite healing and recovery. It’s like watering a plant. ATP Resonance BioTherapy™ stimulates the blood vessels to grow back around the peripheral nerve and provide them the proper nutrients to heal and repair.

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