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If you’re suffering from Fibromyalgia you understand this sentiment all too well. Local resident Elyse K. found herself at a turning point when she noticed her diagnosis had started to take a toll on her marriage.

“I was angry all the time because of all the things I couldn’t do anymore because of my Fibromyalgia. That anger cycled through to depression and affected everyone around me, my husband more than anyone. It made our lives miserable.”


Fibromyalgia affects the entire body. To make things complicated it affects everyone’s body a little differently. To make things even more complicated, those effects can change on a daily basis. Sometimes you’re plagued with widespread muscle pain and fatigue, and other days it’s a headache and heightened sensitivity to touch.

“I could barely stand to have the light weight of bedsheets touching me, much less a hug from my husband.”
explains Elyse.


This is what it’s like to suffer from Fibromyalgia. Symptoms make everyday life incredibly difficult. Mundane, daily tasks are nearly impossible. And too often, these symptoms are only made worse because practitioners find it difficult to understand and even more troublesome to treat. It’s characterized by widespread pain in muscles, and tissues rather than inflammation of the joints, muscles and tissues.

Then your primary care doctors will suggest dietary changes, pain liniments and, pharmaceuticals to the point where your life is no longer ruled by Fibromyalgia. Instead it’s ruled by a difficult routine and pill regimen in order to avoid flare ups. Elyse put it this way, “My life was no longer my own.”

Eventually Elyse did her own research and discovered that acupuncture can improve the quality of life in Fibro patients. Determined to find the best in the business, she discovered AIM | Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine lead by Dr. Tonya Weber. Dr. Weber has been successfully treating difficult to manage chronic pain cases for almost two decades. She uses the time tested science of acupuncture integrated with modern medical advancements in healing and recovery.

Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine that is commonly used to reduce various forms of pain. Acupuncture reduces inflammation, stimulates the release of endorphins and offers much needed, effective symptom relief for Fibromyalgia. Dr. Weber then skillfully layers other non invasive therapies like ATP Resonance BioTherapy™ and natural  injection therapies for amplified, long-lasting results.

“I feel like a new person. My husband comes with me to my appointments. He spends most of it thanking Dr. Tonya for giving him back the woman he married. For the first time since we moved here, one of my neighbors told me I looked good! It’s a miracle she treated my Fibro, I don’t know how else to explain it.”


If you’re looking for a doctor and a practice who understands your diagnosis and has a proven solution for chronic pain, look no further than AIM. Elyse describes AIM almost as enthusiastically as she does their treatments. “I love it here!” For more incredible testimonials, Dr. Weber’s patient success stories are repeatedly featured on WBTW’s Living Local Carolina with Rainee Romero!

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