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You’ve tried prescription painkillers with no relief.
You’ve agreed to the invasive surgery only for it too fail.
You’ve even tried cutting edge therapies including infrared light and hydrotherapy.

And you’re still in pain.

“I had knee surgery over a year ago and I was still suffering from residual knee pain,” shares Preston B. “I complained to my surgeon and my family doctor and they just kept writing me prescriptions for tramadol and hydrocodone. Sure they took the pain away but it was just a band-aid, a band-aid that made me sleepy and dizzy and irritable. I wanted to get back to boating with my wife, not spend the rest of my life asleep in the recliner.”

It wasn’t until Preston discovered acupuncture that he had found a real solution. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat a myriad of conditions and according to the National Institute of Health (NIH) works particularly well in treating chronic pain.

“I was seeing an acupuncturist in New Jersey when my wife told me she wanted to move to North Myrtle Beach. Spending the rest of our days walking on the beach and actually enjoying our boat more than 3 months a year really excited me but I was concerned about finding an experienced acupuncturist to keep up with my progress.”

In a wonderful twist of fate, Preston discovered that his acupuncturist in New Jersey was actually a student of our very own Dr. Tonya Weber. As you know, we specialize in treating chronic pain and complicated conditions, like Preston’s knee pain, by seamlessly blending acupuncture with modern medical solutions like prolozone therapy and ATP Resonance BioTherapy™.

“[My acupuncturist] referred me to Dr. Weber and I started treatment less than a week after we settled into our new home. My care went uninterrupted and that to me is just amazing. Just yesterday we had the boat out and I was able to jump off for a swim and then climb back on without pain. It’s just incredible.”

Dr. Weber actually spearheaded this vast referral network so that they could help more people live lives free from pain and suffering.

“Dr. Weber coaches and consults with hundreds of practitioners all over the country. We simply made a comprehensive list of those students so that we could offer our patients, and people all over the U.S. a little more freedom in their healthcare,” shares Rebecca Powell, Clinical Director .

“I don’t think it’s a secret that acupuncture doesn’t work like a Tylenol. It takes repeated and consistent treatments to help our patients achieve the pain-free life they’re looking for. In some cases Dr. Weber recommends 3 to 4 months of comprehensive care and committing yourself to that can sometimes feel overwhelming or even impossible; a number of our patients only live on the Grand Strand part-time. Our referral network provides continuity of care while you continue to live your life!”

You no longer need to suffer!

Call us at (843)273-4467 to schedule or complete our New Patient Offer and one of our Care Coordinators will be in touch!

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