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Are you plagued by chronic pain?

Whether it’s the numbness and tingling from your NEUROPATHY, the painful burning sensation that accompanies SCIATICA or the unbearable swelling and stiffness of your joints from ARTHRITIS, the staff at AIM|Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine is here to help.

Our emphasis is difficult to treat conditions!

Chronic pain makes everyday life incredibly difficult.
The tingling keeps you up at night.
The burning makes performing mundane, daily tasks nearly impossible.
The stiffness and swelling prevents you from participating in activities that you once loved!

Our ‘AIM’ is to provide you with pain relieving treatments so that you can get back to LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST!

AIM|Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine has pioneered non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical innovative medical solutions to actually TREAT your symptoms!

“I was getting weaker and weaker and I was beginning to be worried that one day I was going to be wheelchair bound. This morning I walked right down the stairs of our beach house and when I got to the bottom I thought ‘my goodness, that has become mighty easy for me’. I didn’t have to hold on to the handrails or anything!” – Mick B.

Grand Strand residents no longer have to suffer!
Finally, a local Doctor has a proven solution for chronic pain!

Dr. Tonya Weber, DAc, LAc is a renowned authority figure in the field of acupuncture, especially when it comes to chronic and seemingly hopeless cases. With 18 years of clinical experience, specialized training in geriatrics and chronic conditions and over 115,000 patient treatments performed, Dr. Weber brings a missing link of healthcare to the Myrtle Beach area. Her focus has been on treating chronic pain, failed surgeries, and a variety of rheumatoid conditions.

“I think Dr. Weber is an angel. She is so honest and has a great personality. She cares about her patients very deeply. She is doing this to help people and she loves doing it. I think she is really special.” – Rosann S.

Dr. Weber uses non invasive, non pharmaceutical, integrative therapies to relieve her patients of chronic pain, one of which is Acupuncture. Acupuncture works by reducing inflammation, stimulating the release of endorphins and will offer much needed effective pain relief. She also skillfully layers in other non invasive therapies such as ATP Resonance BioTherapyTM and O3 Regenerative TherapyTM as well as other non pharmaceutical, non opioid, non steroid, natural injection therapies for amplified and lasting results.

And what makes treatments at AIM really special?

“We all get therapy in this nice big room so I get to enjoy visiting with my comrades. Sometimes we get to thinking that we’re the only ones with pain but you get to talking to people and you realize you’re not alone. So I really like the social aspect!” – Cora Lee P.

Imagine relief!
Imagine increased energy!
Imagine staff and a community of people that not only understand your condition but can truly support and sympathize with you!

For residents of the Grand Strand this is now a reality!

Call (843)273-4467 or visit today to set up a consultation with Dr. Weber. Now thru March 30th, we are offering a consultation special of only $40. (Normally $240)


New Patient Offer

$40 Initial Consultation

Normally $240 – Save $200

Call us at 843.273.4467 or use the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.